The Brand Story

It is every woman’s dream to have perfectly flawless skin.

Borned with a disfiguring red facial birthmark on her face, New Yorker Lydia O’Leary faced rejection from employment despite graduating from college with excellent grades.

One day, she was painting irises in a garden. When she was almost finished, a drop of black paint tarnished her painting. Instantly, she coated it with a different colour to correct her mistake. And that, was the first step that led to her discovery of COVERMARK.

Stimulated by this playful experiment, she went on to research for the perfect concealing formula in hope of helping others to cover birthmarks, port wine stains, burns, scars, and other imperfections on their skin.

By 1928, Lydia O’Leary successfully invented an impeccable concealing formula and officially introduced COVERMARK to the world.

The remarkable effect of COVERMARK is not only limited to the concealment and correction of birthmarks, scars or discolourations on the skin, but also supports people’s self-esteem and confidence.

Based on the spirit of Ms O’Leary, COVERMARK has since released a series of products to provide a comprehensive approach to cover skin imperfections and attain a natural-looking flawless complexion.


1928 - Lydia O'Leary established Covermark

COVERMARK was developed as a cosmetic product by Lydia O’leary in New York for the purpose of naturally concealing birthmarks, scars, or skin discolourations to enhance external beauty.

1960 - COVERMARK imports to Japan

Japan O’Leary Corporation is established and importation of COVERMARK products begin.

1963 - COVERMARK S was released

To satisfy market demands for a foundation for fashionable purposes, COVERMARK S was developed utilizing the special formulation of the original COVERMARK foundation. This sweat-resistant and water-resistant foundation was highly evaluated by women in general because of its long-lasting ability to completely conceal dark spots and freckles without causing any burden to the skin.

1979 - Excellent COVERMARK <E> was released

A new series of high-coverage foundation with improved texture utilizing the formula of COVERMARK S was released. This series consisted of a number of products and shades. But what drew attention was its unique application method in which a damp brush was used after powder was applied. Excellent COVERMARK <E> is now currently known as COVERMARK Basic Formula <E>.

1986 - Soft Foundation was released

The market’s first emulsion compact-type foundation designed to naturally cover dark spots and freckles was officially launched.

1992 - COVERMARK Corporation was established

COVERMARK was separated from O’Leary Corporation and became an independent company. Since then, COVERMARK products have been mainly sold in department stores.

1993 - Essence Foundation was released

The softer texture of this particular foundation mimics a skin-tone coloured treatment formula that smoothed over skin and provided conditioning effect to the skin.

1996 - Soft <ES> Pact was released

The upgraded version of Soft Foundation, natural plant extracts for higher moisturizing effect was added into Soft <ES> Pact. The foundation is considered to be the brand’s representative covering foundation.

1998 - <Jusme Colour> Essence Foundation was released

The 1993 Essence Foundation was upgraded based on the brand’s unique warm or cool skin tone theory <Jusme Colour> and was developed to help people glow and shine through their perfect shade of foundation.

2001 - < Sensory Rose Colour> Extra Formula was released

A foundation developed based on the <Sensory Rose Colour> Theory, this foundation effectively builds coverage and creates a rosy complexion by bringing out each individual’s natural complexion. It is known as an excellent product that only a skin tone expert could develop.

2003 - Basic Formula was released

COVERMARK S and Excellent COVERMARK E – two of the very first COVERMARK products – were integrated and upgraded as Basic Formula. This foundation was developed with a special manufacturing method to cover imperfections such as dark spots and freckles.

2003 - <Jusme Color> Essence Foundation Liquid was released

A liquid version of the skin tone brightening foundation was released to satisfy the needs of customers who prefer a lightweight texture yet offering high-performing coverage.

2004 - Soft <ES> Pact was upgraded

Four new shades were added to COVERMARK’s best-selling foundation Soft <ES> Pact. The foundation was upgraded to be used by a wider range of generations and cover skin-tone related problems more effectively.