About Covermark

Where did COVERMARK originated from?

COVERMARK was established by Ms. Lydia O’Leary in New York in 1928. COVERMARK products are currently conceived, developed, and manufactured in Japan and are available in department stores across several Asian countries.

Is COVERMARK a maker of special use foundations?

COVERMARK started as a specially formulated foundation to cover birthmarks. However, products that are currently available in department stores are mainly foundations, skincare and other makeup products meant for regular use. A wide range of products are offered today to provide women with solutions to skin problems such as dark spots, dullness, and wrinkles.

What is the relationship between COVERMARK and O'Leary?

COVERMARK and O’Leary are different companies belonging to the same group. In the past, O’Leary sold “COVERMARK S” and other COVERMARK products in beauty salons. COVERMARK became independent from O’Leary in 1992 and COVERMARK Corporation was established as a brand to reach a wider audience. COVERMARK and O’Leary originally sold the same products though COVERMARK now has its own products.

Products In General

I have heard that mineral oil is bad for the skin. Do COVERMARK products contain it?

Some COVERMARK products contain mineral oil. Mineral oil is taken from underground mineral resources. Petroleum oil is a natural substance because it is made from organic matter that has decomposed underground over millions of years similar to charcoal and amber. In the 1970’s, impurities contained in low grade mineral oil caused skin problems. Today, mineral oil is a very safe raw ingredient since refining technology has become more advanced. The major mineral oil “petrolatum” is so safe that it is used in dermatologist clinics. Please feel safe about using products containing mineral oil.

I have heard that UV absorbers are bad for the skin. Does COVERMARK products contain them?

Some Covermark products contain a UV absorber.

UV absorbers are often considered to be bad for the skin because they may induce an allergic reaction in people with allergic tendencies. However, UV absorbers cause no problem for people with no allergic tendencies. If you are worried about their negative influence or your skin is susceptible to irritation, consult a dermatologist.

Do products with a high UV blocking value burden the skin?

UV blocking values (SPF, PA) and the level of burden on the skin are not proportional. Please feel safe about using products with a high UV blocking value. If you feel any unpleasant sensation using a product, stop using the product because it may not agree with your skin for some reason.

Do high coverage foundations burden the skin?

Although some consider high-coverage foundations to inhibit skin respiration, it is not true. High-coverage foundations cause no problem as long as they are removed properly with an appropriate makeup remover. However, when a foundation is used on skin with acne, oil contained in the foundation may aggravate acne regardless to the level of coverage. COVERMARK recommends avoiding using foundation on skin with acne.

Do products with oil accelerate suntan?

Oil increases sunlight permeability. Therefore, suntan is accelerated when wearing an oil-based cream. This is caused not only by oil contained in cosmetics but also by sebum. Use a makeup base and foundation with broad spectrum (SPF, PA) to protect the skin from sunlight.

Do cosmetics have expiration dates?

Cosmetics can be used safely for three years as long as they are unopened and kept under normal conditions (in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight).

According to the Pharmaceutical Law in Japan, an expiration date needs to be indicated on cosmetics that change nature within three years under normal storage conditions. COVERMARK products have no expiration date because they have passed various types of safety/stability tests so that they can be used safely for three years.

Is it OK to use a cosmetic which was opened six months ago?

Yes, you can use it as long as the cap of the product has been tightly closed, the product has been stored away from high temperature/humidity and direct sunlight, and its odour remains unchanged. However, the product may have been contaminated if you have directly touched it with your fingers or hands. Make sure that there is no discolouration, separation, or muddiness before use and stop using the product if there are any abnormal signs.

I do not plan to use a cosmetic product for a while. How should I store it?

It is not recommended to store opened cosmetics. When it is necessary, clean the opening of the container, tightly close the cap, and store the product in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.

My regular cosmetic irritates the skin. What is wrong?

Even cosmetics you use for a long time can trigger problems when there is hormonal imbalance or stress. In case of itch or eczema, stop using the product and see a dermatologist.

Can I use COVERMARK products throughout the year?

Yes. COVERMARK products can be used throughout the year.

Visit a COVERMARK counter near you. Our staff will give you advice on the use or choice of products according to your skin type and problems. Feel free to talk with them anytime.

About Base Makeup

Are there blue and yellow based products to go with <Jusme Colour> Essence Foundation?

Yes, there are powders and other products to enhance the finish of the foundation. Finishing powder, retouching compact powder, and a concealer are all designed to go with blue and yellow based <Jusme Colour> Essence Foundation (liquid/cream types).

What is the difference between Essence Foundation and Essence Foundation Liquid?

Essence Foundation is a cream-type foundation which finishes semi-matte. Essence Foundation Liquid is a liquid-type foundation to be shaken before use and finishes glossy. Liquid is recommended if your makeup runs easily. Shade variations are the same.

What kind of shades does <Sensory Rose Colour> Extra Formula have?

There are eight shades to recreate a slightly bright, healthy complexion to enhance each individual’s natural skin tone. The shades are based on the <Sensory Rose Colour> theory to create the ideal complexion by adding a rose colour veil to the colours of the epidermis and arteries that differ according to the individuals. The shades help you to create a slightly rosy complexion that’s sufficiently hydrated, similar to baby skin. *See colour Theories for the <Sensory Rose Colour> theory.

I have heard that <Sensory Rose Colour> Extra Formula provides high coverage. Does it finish looking overly made-up or unnatural?

Although the foundation effectively builds coverage, it finishes glossy without looking thick. Though foundation ingredients tend to be uneven, <Sensory Rose Colour> Extra Formula contains four types of oils and flat powder that disperse foundation ingredients thinly and evenly on the skin’s surface. Therefore, the foundation finishes sheer and glossy while completely covering the skin. See product information for more details.

About Skin and Makeup

Why is Skin Clear Emulsion applied before treatment formula even though it is an emulsion?

Skin Clear Emulsion is an emulsion to gently remove dead cells that cause dullness and rough texture. It accelerates the absorption of products used in following steps such as treatment formulas and creams. Therefore, make sure to use it after a lotion.

Do I need to wash my face with a facial wash product after using a makeup remover?

Washing your face is recommended to thoroughly rid the skin of makeup remover. Makeup removers cleanse the skin by capturing oil-based debris such as foundations and makeup products. Even when you feel like the makeup remover has been completely cleared away, some still may remain on the skin. Wash your face with a facial wash product after removing makeup (double facial wash) in order to keep the skin clean and healthy.

Can I request to have catalogs of COVERMARK?

Catalogs are available at COVERMARK counters in Asian nations. Feel free to ask our staff.