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Covermark Flawless Fit Foundation: Poreless, Flawless And Radiant Skin In Just One Coat!

Let’s face it, the quest for the best foundation can feel never-ending. You scroll through endless reviews, get lost in a sea of swatches, and end up with a drawer full of foundations that just don’t quite hit the mark. All that effort for a foundation that promises radiant, glowing skin without issues like caking, creases, smudges and streaks! At Covermark, we understand that struggle. That’s why we created Flawless Fit, the best foundation to achieve poreless, flawless and radiant skin in just one coat!

What is Flawless Fit?

Flawless Fit is a high-performing creamy foundation developed by Covermark, a Japanese brand known for their high coverage makeup and superior skincare. Developed with Lively Skin Veil technology to cover skin imperfections and infused with moisture-locking plant extracts, anyone can achieve fresh, glowing skin with just a coat. Available in 11 shades of cool and warm tones, the foundation recreates the natural look and beauty of human skin, offering a semi-matte finish without feeling sticky or oily. This buildable foundation covers imperfections, dullness, and roughness, designed to deliver both high coverage and a beautiful finish with lustre, texture, and freshness. Its cream-based formula ensures lasting coverage and smooth application for perfect, flattering skin throughout the day. 

Flawless Fit, The Holy Grail Of Base Makeup

Good base makeup is essential for enhancing your overall appearance. The process can be tedious, often involving multiple products like CC creams, BB creams, liquid foundations, and concealers. With Flawless Fit, you achieve high coverage and even skin tone without needing additional products. Enriched with water-soluble collagen formulation, this foundation protects and perfects your skin. It also features broad-spectrum protection of SPF 35 PA +++ to prevent pigmentation, dark spots, and freckles caused by sun damage.

All-in-One Perfection: Flawless Fit’s Unique Formula

Flawless Fit covers all the essentials in just one product, making it one of the best foundations for all skin types by Covermark. It combines intercellular lipid-like substances such as ceramide, plant cholesterol, and palmitic acid to lock in moisture for a hydrating finish. Infused with six plant extract such as Panax ginseng, Ganoderma lucidum, Angelica acutiloba root, coicis semen, persicae semen, and aloe; this foundation conditions, increases the moisture level of the skin, while correcting and concealing imperfections for a flawless finish!

Unlock Beautiful, Flawless Foundation Coverage With 4 Simple Steps!

Step 1:

Apply a small amount of foundation to one side of the foundation sponge by lightly gliding over it.

Step 2: 

Starting from the cheeks at the area nearest to the nose, gently spread outwards and apply an even, thin layer all over the face. 

Step 3: 

To cover pigmentation, dark spots, or freckles, gently apply a small amount of foundation to the sponge and place it vertically against it. Stamp and dab the foundation on the blemish.

Step 4: 

Using the clean side of the foundation sponge, gently remove any excess foundation to prevent creasing. This helps make wrinkles and fine lines less noticeable.

Expert Tips For Silky And Natural Look With A Beautiful Finish All Day! 

  • Avoid applying too much force when picking up the foundation with the sponge as you may end up taking too much product.
  • When covering blemishes, avoid spreading the foundation as it will not cover the targetted area well.

Experience Your Skin Reborn Today!

Ready to ditch the foundation frustration and experience the transformative power of Flawless Fit? We know you’ll love the weightless, buildable coverage that leaves your skin looking poreless, radiant, and naturally flawless. Find your perfect shade and unlock a complexion you’ll love today at Covermark Singapore!

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