Cell Advanced Lotion WS

Cell Advanced Lotion WS


A weightless hydrating lotion with rapid penetration and moisturizing ability, moisture penetrated quickly and consistently into the skin to achieve plump, bright and voluminous skin.


  1. An innovative, intensely moisturizing gel-like lotion that is highly absorbable that delivers skin brightening and tightening benefits.
  2. Contains Kamala extract, Amino Gulose, Potentilla Fulgens extract and Phytokine to regain skin’s firmness and restore skin’s resilience against aging.
  3. Pecan seed husk extract and arbutin fills skin with hydrating ingredients to tighten pores and smoothen skin texture.
  4. Golden chamomile extract penetrates the keratin layer of skin to calm skin irritations while creating lasting moisturization.
  5. Nano-capsules containing hyaluronic acid retains hydration while Moist Fit Oil replenishes the moisture level keratin layer of skin.
  6. Best used with Cell Advanced Serum WS and Cell Advanced Cream WR.

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Skin renewal is the key to keep skin youthful and beautiful

3 Steps + Special Care

STEP 1 Cell Advanced Lotion WS

Cell Advanced Lotion WS formulated with exceptional beauty active ingredients to strengthen the “water-rich layer” formed when lotion is applied to increase the adhering and moisture retention ability while preventing moisture evaporation.With rapid penetration and moisturizing ability, moisture penetrated quickly and reach out to every corner of the skin , leading to a soft, smooth and youthful skin from within.

After application


STEP 2 Cell Advanced Serum WS

Significantly enhances the effect of restoring elasticity and smoothing skin’s texture. Provides support to enhance resilience and suppleness, and makes the skin look vibrant and youthful.

Cell Advanced Serum WS contains Oligopeptide in every bottle that works together with other active ingredients to nourish and condition skin, tighten pores, diminish fine lines and reduce the effect of mature skin. Formulated with a unique blend of Plants Extract to support the skin’s turnover cycle toward creating plump skin that has brightness.

After application



STEP 3 Cell Advanced Cream WR

Visibly reduce symptoms of mature skin and revitalizes tired skin.

Ideally used during the night, Cell Advanced Cream WR significantly improves skin suppleness and firms skin to deter wrinkles, visible pores and skin dullness for more youthful and luminous skin in the morning.

After application


The scientifically formulated Microgel net lifts and plumps skin and ensure elasticity is restored and maintained.


SPECIAL CARE Cell Advanced Mask WR

A sheet mask to deliver maximum penetration of moisture and nourishments.

Enriched with rich beauty essence, the specially designed sheet mask is flexible and has excellent adhesion ability to ensure that it will fit every inch of your skin. The beauty serum, combined with collagen and ceramide, effectively delivers and retains moisture in the epidermis to keep skin youthful and bright almost instantly.

How to use

Take a small drop (approx. 3cm in diameter) onto the palm and rub until lotion reaches body temperature, then softly massage onto face & neck along the lymph glands. Apply morning & night.

Watch the full video tutorial on application method.

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