<Jusme Colour> Essence Foundation Liquid

<Jusme Colour> Essence Foundation Liquid


A lightweight, blendable liquid foundation that provides buildable coverage to conceal pores, acne scars and dullness so that skin glows with a natural radiance.


  1. Glides on skin seamlessly leaving a soft, hydrated finish.
  2. Blendable rich pigmented texture that conceals dullness and reduce visibility of pores.
  3. Control sebum and keep skin fresh and radiant all day.
  4. Contains a blend of herbal to moisturize skin while tightening pores.
  5. Prevents dark spots and freckles caused by sun damage with SPF30 PA++.
  6. Fragrance free.

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What is <Jusme Colour> Theory


What’s your true shade?

The <Jusme Colour> Theory determine your skin undertone to find out the best shade that will be most flattering for your skin tone. While traditional foundation selection is based merely on your skin tone, Jusme Colour prevents dullness and brings out your clear and rosy complexion.

<Jusme Colour> Essence Foundation For Natural Radiance

<Jusme Colour> Essence Foundation contains red, yellow and blue luminescent pearlescent pigments that will reflect light, resulting in a radiant, fresh look.


How to use

Place a few drops of liquid foundation onto a sponge and gently blend it starting from the center of your face and working outwards. To build more coverage, repeat the former step. Smooth on a finishing powder with the same colour-base to prevent dullness and set in makeup.

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