Mineral Soap

Mineral Soap

$48.00/2pcs per box

Made with medicated powder and mineral powder, this non-drying face soap thoroughly removes dirt, impurities and sebum from pores and skin to leave skin refreshingly dewy and clear.


  1. Recommended for all skin types, Mineral Soap contains medicated charcoal powder and mineral powder.
  2. Formulated to create rich and creamy foam with just a few rubs, the foam gently absorbs sebum and dead cells to leave skin dewy and clear.
  3. Infused with grape seed oil which is rich in linoleic acid to moisturize dry skin.
  4. Fragrance and colorant free. (Foam is greyish due of the medicated charcoal, a colour that may stain towels or sponges.)
  5. Two soaps are packaged seperately for freshness.
  6. [Note] Soap's surface may become whitish due to changing temperatures and other factors. This does not indicate any problems in quality.

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How to use

Lather well with lukewarm water using both palms. Cup hands over face and wash gently with thick foam.

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