Mineral Wash

Mineral Wash


This gentle yet effective mineral face wash absorbs excess sebum and impurities while leaving skin smooth and moisturized.


  1. Does not contain artificial foaming agent but creates soft and gentle foam that is designed to cause less friction on skin.
  2. Formulated with mineral ingredients to absorb dirt and other impurities from pores without damaging the skin.
  3. Helps purify pores and skin without drying skin, while leaving a hydrating veil after cleansing.
  4. Contains no additives, colourant and is odour-free.

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With 4 times more absorbing and cleansing power, the blend of charcoal, minerals and clay from Morocco gently clarifies pores and skin while minimizing the appearance of enlarged pores.



Ceramide NP creates a natural coat of moisturizing veil without stripping the skin of essential moisture. The skin is protected by a layer of deeply hydrating Marine Collagen for bright, glowing skin.



Licorice extract boosts the effects of Ceramide synthesis to support the inner skin’s ability to retain moisture naturally. Saxifrage extract conditions the skin for clear, smooth and dewy skin.

Watch the full video tutorial on application method.

Only 70% of women cleanse with a face wash in the morning.

“My skin feels tight after washing.”

“I only wash it with water in the morning.”

“Every facial wash feels the same.”


The importance of morning cleansing routine

Your skin produces sebum when you’re asleep during the night as part of the regenerating process. Therefore, it is essential to cleanse your face of excess sebum in the pores and impurities on the skin’s surface so your skin care can be better and fully absorbed.


The Power Of Foam


89% satisfaction

The result over a 2 week trial test

290 women aged 20 to 59 tried and tested

About 80% said

“My skin feels like I’ve just had a clay mask treatment at a beauty salon.”

Over 80% who only wash their face with water in the morning said

“I am more satisfied with my skin after washing with Mineral Wash.”

How to use

Take a small amount (around 1cm) onto your palm and slowly work into a dense lather while adding warm water. Cover your entire face with the foam, then rub down gently, being careful not to touch skin directly with palms.

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