Moisture Charge Serum Refill

Moisture Charge Serum Refill


Aim for unprecedented makeup adhesion with skincare
See and feel your skin condition transforming day by day. A new serum that conditions your keratin layer.


  1. Use this serum after cleansing and before lotion. Apply to skin to feel a firm, elastic texture, followed by a dewy texture. Melts into skin to fill skin interior*1 with moisture and create a plump, soft finish.

  2. Uses the smallest moist nano capsules in the industry. Efficiently delivers beautifying components inside skin*1, while caring for the easily damaged keratin layer and maintaining its health.

  3. Smooth into skin with an upward motion for chitosan*2 spread gel to transform into liquid and permeate throughout the keratin layer. Prevents moisture transpiration inside skin and fills with moisture.

  4. Mandarin orange peel extract, machilus bark extract, and licorice extract support natural moisturizing factor (NMF). Protects skin’s inherent moisture and beauty.

  5. Ten essential oils including atlas cedar, palmarosa, and orange are blended in the ideal ratio for a marvelously relaxing, refreshing scent.

    *1: to the keratin layer *2: skin conditioning components

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Be at your most beautiful when you wear foundation…

COVERMARK is a base makeup expert brand. We also pursue amazing makeup adhesion in our skincare products. We have closely examined modern women’s skin condition and lifestyle to develop our Moisture Charge Serum, an all-in-one serum that leads to excellent makeup adhesion.

We focused on the keratin layer.

The very outside layer of skin, the keratin layer is a major factor in appearance and makeup adhesion. Meanwhile, it is exposed to UV rays, dryness, and other external damage, and its condition changes daily. Accumulated damage encourages dryness, disturbing turnover and even accelerating aging.

Our new serum was created with the concept of remaking the entire keratin layer.

COVERMARK Moisture Charge Serum

1. Instantly Beautifies Skins

Instant approach to the damaged keratin layer. Provides dewy moisture.

Developed “chitosan spread gel”, which delivers beautifying components inside skin.
Apply pressure with our proprietary “lift press” method to burst open gel structure and permeate into skin. “Moist nano capsules” and beautifying components are delivered deep inside skin and fill it with dewy moisture. Gel remains within keratin layer, preventing moisture transpiration within skin.

Moist nano capsules repair keratin layer
Utilizes multilayer moist capsules that permeate easily between keratin layer cells. Beautifying components are released inside skin. The capsules themselves have a similar structure to intercellular lipids, so they act in place of damaged intercellular lipids to support the lamellar structures of the keratin layer, heightening skin’s moisture retention capacity.

2. Creating a beneficial cycle that nurtures a beautiful keratin layer.

Acts on the spinous and granular layers of the epidermis, the basis for a beautiful keratin layer. Works on cell formation, which begins in the spinous layer, to lead to well-formed cells with elasticity. In the granular layer, improves binding between cells, forming a smooth, single-layer keratin sheet.

In The Spinous Layer

The placement of a protein called desmoplakin is essential to create well-formed hexagonal cells with elasticity. Active ingredient “mandarin orange peel extract” arranges desmoplakin appropriately so that each and every cell is firm, and their size and shape are uniform.

In The Granular

Active ingredient “machilus bark extract” strengthens the TJ (tight junction) barrier between cells. Gaps between cells are filled in to help cells move in uniform up toward the skin surface in a single sheet. This state creates the skin texture and flexibility essential for excellent makeup adhesion.

From The Spinous Layer To The Keratin

Active ingredient “licorice extract” promotes creation of pro-filaggrin, which is the basis for natural moisturizing factor (NMF). More NMF reaching the keratin layer creates a beneficial moisture cycle.

Aim for unprecedented makeup adhesion with skincare

See and feel your skin condition transforming day by day. A new serum that conditions your keratin layer.

Usage method takes advantage of the characteristics of chitosan spread gel to deliver beautifying components with an even consistency.

The Lift Press Method: our proprietary method for increased comfort and noticeable results.

  1. Spread 2-3 pumps throughout your entire face with both palms, as if warming up your face.
  2. Gently cover your entire face with your palms and take a deep breath.
  3. Use the palm of one hand and then the other to smooth and press from your forehead to your temples.
  4. Smooth and press from the inner to outer corner of eyes using your middle fingers.
  5. Use your palms to smooth and lift from your laugh lines to below your ears.
  6. Then from your chin to below your ears.
  7. Finally, use your palms to smooth once more into entire face while feeling your skin’s condition.
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