<Sensory Rose Color> Extra Formula

<Sensory Rose Color> Extra Formula


Correct uneven skin tone or conceal skin dullness for a naturally rosy complexion with a light coat of highly-pigmented <Sensory Rose Color> Extra Formula cream foundation.


  1. Long-lastingly conceals dark spots, freckles and evens out uneven skin tones for a rosy complexion.
  2. Minimizes the visibility of fine lines.
  3. Heat, water and sebum resistant formula to ensure coverage stays on until you remove it.
  4. Contains moisturising plant extracts to improve the appearance of skin while keeping it hydrated.
  5. Available in <Rose Color> shades to perfectly suit your skin tone.
  6. Effectively blocks UVA/UVB rays to prevent dark spots and freckles due to sun damage with full spectrum SPF30 PA++
  7. Suitable for all seasons.

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Sensory Rose Color Extra Formula Info

How to use

After application of makeup base, take a spoonful of foundation with a spatula. Starting with the forehead, apply foundation with a sponge. Apply along the facial muscles outwardly, then move on to cheeks, nose and chin. Use the corner of the sponge on areas around the nose and eyes. Pat remaining areas with the wider end of the sponge to fix the foundation onto skin. Lightly pat the entire face with the sponge to fix the foundation and prevent makeup from caking and melting.

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